2 900 SERIES

With full duplex wireless throughputs of up to 1 Gb/s and ranges of up to 200km per hop, Lobometrics Wireless Systems delivers the best price/performance ratio available, offering users the benefits high speed links, versatile networks, ease of installation, low maintenance and military grade security and robustness

Lobometrics wireless LAN solutions satisfy a wide range of customers including SoHO's, small to large corporations, educational and medical institutions, transportation, manufacturing, retail and warehouse facilities, and municipalities. Our wireless LANs have also proven to be a cost-effective solution for temporary venues and mission-critical implementations in airports and seaports.

Lobometrics manufactures wireless network servers (Lobo series), Wireless Access Points (BMAP) and CPEs (Miura series) that operate in a wide range of bands, including 900Hz, 2.XGHz, 3.XGHz, 5GHz, in licensed and unlicensed ISMs, with wireless ranges up to 200km per hop. Lobometrics devices are equiped with from 1 to 4 radios, with speeds from 17 Mb/s to 1 Gb/s. Lobometrics systems deliver the performance, security, interoperability and network reliability required by in-building wireless local area networks and outdoor building-to-building bridging applications.

Whether providing Internet access to a small or medium office, connecting a campus or business park, networking a major corporate enterprise, or developing a massive regional telecom infrastructure, Lobometrics high-performance wireless enterprise solutions are designed to address your needs. All of our wireless LAN products meet and exceed IEEE standards and can be configured to fully interoperable with all other IEEE compliant devices.

The Lobometrics devices offer the most comprehensive and flexible wireless solution available. Features found only in ultra-high-end telco devices now can be implemented at affordable prices. Lobometrics can serve as a Bandwidth Manager, Firewall, Router, HotSpot or a combination of any of the powerful set of features it contains. The Lobometrics devices are the perfect platform for the demanding needs of wireless ISPs. Lobometrics OS is currently used worldwide by many large wireless ISPs for client sites, access points, HotSpot sites, bandwidth shaping, backbone, and more.

As a company focused exclusively on Wireless data transmission, Lobometrics is committed to long-term product planning, backwards compatibility and the integration of new technologies that will allow it to support traditional enterprise markets. The Lobometrics Lobo900 Series will be upgradeable to new technologies through its modular design.

Lobo Series 900 wireless servers deliver the investment protection, versatility, and enterprise-class features demanded by wireless LAN customers. It is designed specifically for challenging environments like harsh outdoor scenarios, factories, warehouses, and large retail establishments that require the antenna versatility associated with connectorized antennas, as well as a rugged metal enclosure and a broad operating temperature range.

The Lobometrics 900 Series meets the needs of today’s applications and protects future network infrastructure investments. The modular design of the 900 Series provides a high-performance 802.11a/b/g/n configured access point that allows for either single, dual, triple o quad-radio configuration for maximum scalability, performance and complete backward compatibility and 64bit dual-core Intel processors for maximum client density .

The Lobometrics 900 Series supports 802.11i, Wi-Fi Protected Access 2 (WPA2), WPA, and numerous Extensible Authentication Protocol (EAP) types. WPA and WPA2 are the Wi-Fi Alliance certifications for interoperable, standards-based wireless LAN security. These certifications support IEEE 802.1X for user-based authentication, Temporal Key Integrity Protocol (TKIP) for WPA encryption, and Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) for WPA2 encryption. These certifications help to ensure interoperability between Wi-Fi-certified wireless LAN devices from different manufacturers.

The Lobometrics 900 Series hardware-accelerated AES encryption supports enterprise-class, government-grade secure encryption over the wireless LAN without compromising performance. IEEE 802.1X authentication helps to ensure that only authorized users are allowed on the network.

The series also provides backward compatibility and support for WPA client devices running TKIP, the RC4 encryption algorithm.

With a storage capacity of 4Gb. and support for Lobometrics management tools, the Lobometrics 900 Series provides the capacity and the means to upgrade firmware and deliver new features as they become available. The reliability of the 802.11a/b/g/n solution makes the Lobometrics 900 Series a wise investment for enterprise customers. It provides field-proven reliability, featuring a Atheros(R) fifth-generation radios.

The Lobometrics 900 Series access point and integrated mounting system are designed for installation on walls, below ceilings, poles, and, with its plenum ratable metal case, above suspended ceilings. With its broad operating temperature range and cast-aluminum housing, this device provides the ruggedness required in factories, ware houses, and the most challenging environments. Support for inline power over Ethernet (802.3AT PoE) maximizes powering option flexibility.

All available radios (802.11a, 802.11b, 802.11b and 802.11n) provide a variety of transmit power settings to adjust coverage area size. The 802.11a radio module provides up to 23 nonoverlapping channels in the 5 GHz band (subject to local regulations). One version offers quad antenna connectors for use with a wide variety of standard antennas to achieve extended range and application-specific coverage. Coupled with the broadest selection of antennas in the industry, it provides users with unparalleled flexibility in cell size and coverage patterns.

With the same software features as the Series 900, but based on low-cost MIPS CPUs, Lobometrics Legacy Series offer power and versatility at a low price for those deployments with light traffic loads but with the need for all the advanced networking and programability features.

Intelligent mid distance (10 miles) point-to-point links with fully automatic configuration (no need for user intervention), high transfer rates and complete link transparency. No other product in the market gets closer to the easiness of throwing an Ethernet cable between to networks or devices than Lobometrics airCable, just connect one to each network, point the devices to each other over a distance not superior to 10km/6,2miles , turn them on and in a few seconds you will have a high speed wireless link between them.

Can't be easier. airCable doesn't require configuration of any kind, its the only trully plug-and-play wireless link product in the market.


Miura wireless client devices bring sophisticated networking features to the CPE (Customer Premises Equipment) market.
Most of the CPE manufacturers have taken the road of low cost CPE devices with excellent offerings, but the market was short of products for customers in need of some extra value through expanded features, tighter security and longer wireless range. Lobometrics proposal is a device with all the network features of Lobometrics 900 and legacy range, with an added integrated high gain antenna, MIMO, Gigabit interface and more powerful radios. At CPU level, Miura series use low performance MIPS hardware due to the fact that load will always be single (customer) user generated, but all the other features are full powered.


Firewall Statefull filtering
  Source and destination NAT
  NAT helpers (h323, pptp, quake3, sip, ftp, irc, tftp)
  Internal connection, routing and packet marks
  Filtering by:
  IP address and address range
  Port and port range
  IP protocol
  … and more
  Address lists
  Custom Layer7 matcher
  IPv6 support
  PCC - per connection classifier, (load balancing configurations )

Routing Static routing
  Virtual Routing and Forwarding (VRF)
  Policy based routing
  Interface routing
  ECMP routing
  IPv4 dynamic routing protocols: RIP v1/v2, OSPFv2, BGP v4
  IPv6 dynamic routing protocols: RIPng, OSPFv3, BGP
  Bidirectional Forwarding Detection ( BFD)


MPLS Static Label bindings for IPv4
  Label Distribution protocol for IPv4
  RSVP Traffic Engineering tunnels
  VPLS MP-BGP based autodiscovery and signaling

VPN IPSec – tunnel and transport mode
  Certificate or PSK, AH and ESP security protocols
  Hardware encryption.
  Point to point tunneling (OpenVPN, PPTP, PPPoE, L2TP, SSTP)
  Advanced PPP features (MLPPP, BCP)
  Simple tunnels ( IPIP, EoIP) IPv4 andIPv6 support
  6to4 tunnel support (IPv6 over IPv4 network)
  VLAN – IEEE802.1q Virtual LAN support, Q-in-Q support
  MPLS based VPNs


Wireless IEEE802.11a/b/g wireless client and access point
  Full IEEE802.11n support
  Nstreme and Nstreme2 proprietary protocols
  NV2 protocol
  Wireless Distribution System (WDS)
  Virtual AP
  Access control list
  Wireless client roaming
  HWMP+ Wireless MESH protocol
  MME wireless routing protocol

DHCP Per interface DHCP server
  DHCP client and relay
  Static and dynamic DHCP leases
  RADIUS support
  Custom DHCP options
  DHCPv6 Prefix Delegation (DHCPv6-PD)
  DHCPv6 Client


Hotspot Plug-n-Play access to the Network
  Authentication of local Network Clients
  Users Accounting
  RADIUS for Authentication and Accounting


QoS Hierarchical Token Bucket ( HTB) QoS system
  CIR, MIR, burst and priority support
  Simple queues
  Dynamic client rate equalization (PCQ)

Internal tools Ping, traceroute
  Bandwidth test, ping flood
  Packet sniffer, torch
  Telnet and SSH internal clients and servers
  E-mail and SMS send tools
  Automated script execution tools
  File Fetch tool
  Advanced traffic generator


Management RouterOS SuperSet (unlimited users)
  Lobo Radius Server

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